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Our 26 year old bisexual protagonist Alice would've been your average woman if she didn't have the Vagina Dentata. Otherwise she is fairly normal, being the team's main voice of reason. Alice is intelligent, down-to-earth and sometimes a bit cynical, but that doesn't mean she can't enjoy the good things in life. She loves ice-cream, satire comedy and reading the Torah and other spiritual lore. She writes columns for teenage magazines and makes tiny sculptures as a hobby.
The age old myth which scares the gajibbles out of the male population turned out to be true!
Becca is a mad lesbian genius and owner of a "secret" lab (which is actually a basement she rents in the same building she lives in). Only someone as eccentric as Becca would continue dating a girl with Vagina Dentata, and only someone as eccentric as Becca would find said body horror cuter than llamas. (Seriusly, you've never seen llamas? THEY'RE ADORABLE!) She is an ENOURMOUS geek and it shows in her works - among her creations are an exact copy of HK-47 from "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic", whom she uses as a butler, and a genetically engineered 5 m (16') tall Pacman. She smiles all the time. Get used to it.
Coby is Alice's best friend since High School and will probably be her best friend until she dies. He is the only thing protecting Alice from the insanity that sorrounds her, and he is one of the only two people she can have a normal conversation with (the other being her little sister). Alice is very thankful of him being an ordinary person who likes her as a human and doesn't mind... the unusual parts of her anatomy. Coby isn't the luckiest guy in the world. He has constant problems with women and works as a waiter in a small local Cafe which Alice visits every morning to share her thoughts with him and work on her columns.

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