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"And then... I'll take a potato chip... And EAT IT!"

D.o.B - May 30th, 1995


hugs, ice-cream, Monty Python, the Torah, satire, parodies, (web)comics, anime/manga, video games, Star Wars, nerdy stuff, your dad


prudes, people who take humour too seriusly, flamers, boring people, Russia, learning complex stuff, being forced to do stuff, falling off the Empire State Building (already 10th time this month! D:)


She is very, very, very Jewish. Don't insult her Jewishness. *whimper* Please don't...

She wants to become a professional comic artist.

She lives in Moscow, Russia, but is a citizen of Israel.

Once she finishes school, she'll go to army in Israel for 2 years. :D Yaaay!

If you ask her: "Dude... What the hell do you smoke?", she'll answer: "I smoke my own brain!".

She's the only proper geek in her class. It saddens her a lot.

She was mostly influenced by her brother. Please don't kill him.

You can also find me at:
Merav Ulyansky