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As you may or may not know, I can't access my big computer right now, which means that I can't draw Dentata. There haven't been any comics for a few weeks, which is why I'll have to call for help.

It is:


I'll be on hiatus up until New Years, which means that you guys will have to entertain my readers (because I feel like total shit for not updating for so long).


- There is no deadline. I'm not making a contest, I'm just asking for help.
- Your comic/fan art/writing/whatever must be at least loosely related to Dentata.
- Must have a maximum width of 900px. Most artists take 600px or 800px as their standard and it's absolutely okay. But if you wish to make a comic-strip page, then here are your restrictions.
- Fan Fics are okay, but you must write it all down into an image file and send it to me in image format. I reccomend using PNG format since JPEG craps all over the page and makes it impossible to read. As I said, maximum image width is 900px (which is really a lot).
- You can make guest pages by editing my own artwork and comics. Just note that claiming them as your own would be a really dumb idea.
- Shipping is okay (as well as hillarious).

If you wonder what fonts I'm using:

Dialouge - http://www.dafont.com/happyphantom.font .
Vagina's words and sound effects - http://www.dafont.com/nymphs-handwriting.font .

My e-mail:


When the piece'll be uploaded to Dentata, feel free to upload it to the group:


- Merav

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I won't be able to update this week due to computer problems.

On the meantime, you can find some of my writing on my dA.

(click link at the bottom of the page)

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PLEASE NOTE - Monday Comic

Monday's comic may be late by a few hours.

Otherwise it will be posted on Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience.

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Sum Updates

Well, there is a Cast page and an About the Author page now. Go check them out.

Also, I might add more banners to my links page soon.

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I wonder how many people are new to the idea of Vagina Dentata. It's an age old myth used to scare young men from sleeping with strange women.

And according to TVTropes:

Several women's studies professors have advanced the theory that its Nightmare Fuel aspect has mainly to do with an inherent revulsion to female sexual power: to quote Stephen J. Ducat, "The fear of entering triumphantly, and leaving diminished." An alternate hypothesis supported by most men, says that this fear arises from the idea that having your penis bitten off would really fucking hurt[citation needed].

And now I'm thinking if there are any gender reversed versions of the myth... Tentacle Penis?


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You've just wandered into the site of Dentata. I don't know how you've got here. Maybe you've wandered around SmackJeeves, saw the title and became curious on what "Dentata" means. Or you're my friend and I took your girlfriend hostage so you'll have to visit this website.

Either way, I'm happy you're here.


Some pages are definitely NSFW.

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You can also find me at:
Merav Ulyansky